Tonya Edmond

Tonya Edmond is an associate professor at the Brown School with a joint appointment in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Washington University in St. Louis. In addition, she is a faculty affiliate of the Center for Violence & Injury Prevention at the Brown School. After completing her doctoral studies at the University of Texas at Austin, she joined the faculty there. Previously, she practiced for 15 years in both clinical and administrative roles in domestic violence and rape crisis centers.

Her research focuses on violence against women with a specific interest in testing the effectiveness of interventions for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence. She recently conducted a state-wide study of rape crisis centers in Texas to assess practitioner receptivity to evidence-based treatments and to identify the clinician and organizational characteristics that could inhibit or facilitate the adoption of them. She has been advancing the importance of evidence-based practice in the field of social work through publications and her leadership in the development of a model comprehensive evidence-based curriculum.