Letter from the President

January 13, 2009 Dear Colleagues: Like so many across our local landscape and, indeed, across the globe, I have been enthralled by the unconventional manner in which President-elect Obama is constructing his new administration. Beyond the obvious demographic diversity of his leadership team, which comprises Hispanics, African Americans, Asians and women, he has sought to […]

Letter to the Editor of Student Life

Letter to the Editor of Student Life September 9, 2008 We are seeing something unprecedented on the national stage: women and people of color in real positions of leadership. Whether we agree more with the politics of the right or the left, it is clear that a transformation in the American polity is at hand. […]

Letter from the AWF President

Letter from the AWF President Dear Colleagues: It is with great pleasure and a sense of certain resolve that I welcome you to the 2008-09 academic year. Last year was in many ways a watershed for our association. In particular, the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Phyllis Schlafly united nearly all of our membership […]